“Heroes” a Media Frenzy.

On Monday night “Heroes” was coming back for its third season and it seemed that everyone that I knew was tunning in to watch its premier. Its always amazing to see how the media can persuade us to do certain things. How it can convince us that a show is so good that we can dedicate an entire night to it. 

When I turned the radio on that morning the first thing I heard was a commercial about the premier of “Heroes” . As I continued to listen to the radio I realized that everytime it went to a commercial brake a commercial for the show would come on. When I logged on to a computer to check my email the first advertising I saw was one for the show. And when I got home that night and turned on the television it wasn’t long before a commercial for the show came on. So I decided to watch the show and see what all the fuss was about.  

I tunned in promtly at 8pm and began to watch the show that I had been bombarded with all day. It started with a red carpet event that led to the premier party in downtown L.A.  (Yes! A red carpet with fans and everything lined up behind barracades). It was an hour of giving those who were already fans a recap of the previous two seasons and for those who were new to the show, myself included, a crash course on what the show was about, its characters and their powers. I watched the first episode of the show and it was enough to have me glued in front of the t.v set for the second episode. Two “Heroes” episodes in one night, a fans dream come true.

After I finished watching  the second episode I began to think, would I have dedicated three hours of my life to this show if it wouldn’t have been for the media? Would I have tunned in to watch if it wouldn’t have been for all the t.v and radio commercials and for the advertising on the internet? Probably not, but now here I was actually anticipating next weeks episode. Becuase of the promotion for the show given through the media I watch the show that night, even if it was for pure curiosity. Through the media the show is also promoted in other countires around the world. The actors even went on a world tour for the show and the show is translated into the languages of the countires its being shown in. So in this aspect the media did its job, it “informed” me on the show, so much so that now I call myself a “Heroes” fan.


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